From Calgary Autobody-Is your Vehicle ready for Calgary winter 2016?

With Calgary which are quickly approaching is important to figure out whether your vehicle is ready?

Calgary Autobody
Calgary Autobody

Here is a list of things you should check:

  1. Brakes- If you have no idea how to was inspect your brake pads or rotors you probably should take us somewhere to get those done, the last thing you want to have is have your brakes fail on the Deerfoot.
  2. Tires- We all know that Calgary’s winters can include freezing rain and ice, whether or not you have winter tires which are important at least have tires that have a decent amount of tread and are not very worn. There are many tire shops in Calgary, in my personal opinion you want to spend at least $100 for a new tire.
  3. Antifreeze- many operations offer 46 or 69 point inspections, one of the things I’ll do is check your antifreeze, if you have never had your antifreeze replaced your probably should. The last thing you want is to have your radiator frozen over on one of those -40° days in Calgary. New antifreeze can deftly prevent that as well as to stop your radiator from rusting out.
  4. Oil – if you can’t remember the last time he got oil changed and you don’t have a sticker on your windshield is probably time to get it changed.
  5. Your Vehicles Body – Do you have small rust holes, large rust holes, dings or scratches on your vehicle that could let in water and salt? At Calgary Auto body we pride ourselves on the best bodywork at a phenomenal price. We are generally anywhere from 10%-30% less expensive than any other body shop in Calgary or the surrounding areas. But the work we do is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Is professional and done right.

Calgary Autobody, is a family owned and operated since 1981, provides the Calgary and surrounding communites unprecedented quality in automotive collision repair.

Customers come first at Calgary Auto Body. We provide immediate and accurate in-person estimates six days a week, with great customer service. We accommodate scheduled pick-ups and drops-offs and have towing service available for emergencies. We can work directly with insurance companies to have customers back on the road as quickly as possible. Unlike other large Auto body repair companies we keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you.  Just compare our quote to any other Calgary Auto Body or surrounding area shop and I’m confident we can beat it by 10% or in some cases much more!

If you ever need a great quote to get your motor vehicle fixed or
repaired as far as the body
Don’t hesitate to contact me.


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